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Integrate any data source

Source from Public/Private/Hybrid Cloud, Custom warehouses & Applications

Deploy anywhere and scale

Deploy pipelines at a location of your choice, Store and Play from anywhere

Setup automated pipelines

Discovered data objects with auto metadata modeling help you setup Data pipeline's in a jiffy

Continous learning

Integrate ML as code and build training models on the fly through continuous optimization

Security and Compliance

Layered security for your organization with encrypted tenant runtimes both in Cloud and On-premise

Enterprise Data Management

Batch, Stream, Private, Micro, IoT, Logs, DB, Apps - Control all under the same hood

“With SynctacticAI spend more time surfacing valuable insights and less time managing the data pipeline.”

Sync Discover

Any source, Any data

Unlike any ETL pipeline, SyncDiscover offers a wide variety of data sources to connect along with protocol convergence, It powers your organization to be able to manage any type of data and helps prove value while mixing into your culture, effortless and simple

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Realtime and Batch processing
Organisation wide data connectors
Protocol convergence
Event driven discovery
Language agnostic code engine
Auto relationship and mapping

Sync Data

Any datatype - Manifest driven

SyncData Engine offers a way to make any type of data human-readable. Offering unique insights into your data before and after processing with the help of SynctacticAI Metadata Modelling and Data templates offer manifest driven data processing with superior transparency and multi-dimensional insights even before starting your pipelines

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Pre-modelled schemas
Intelligent data containers
BI Optimized
Data labelling and classification schemas
Org wide rules

Sync Learn

MLOps - Hybridized learning platform

A hybrid platform to condense and consume any 3rd party ML service or deploy your own. All in a data-centric approach tool, using a business-focused dashboard.

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Universal model repository
Single click integrations
Rest interface for realtime ML services
Modular learning
Natural language querying
Streamline your work with integrated tools

One-click integrations to your Data and protocol convergence. We integrate with hundreds of sources including Databases and applications by providing SDKs and webhooks to connect from your various sources and to ingest click-stream data into pipelines.

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