A Smart Data Science Platform

Use cutting-edge data science tools to transform your business outcomes. SynctacticAI crafts a successful adventure out of your business by leveraging advanced data science tools, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from any structured and unstructured sets of data.


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Sync Discover

Discover your data in any form – structure or unstructured and batch or real-time.Sync Discover is a key feature to discover a relevant piece of data and organizing the large pool of data in a systematic manner.


Sync Data

Process your data at scale with Sync Data. Enabled with a simple navigation interface like
drag and drop, you can smoothly configure your data pipelines and process data manually or at predetermined schedules.


Sync Learn

With the power of machine learning, the process of learning from data becomes effortless. Simply select the target variable, feature, and any of our pre-built models – rest is automatically taken care of by Sync Learn.


Sync Analyze

Data is nothing without proper interpretation. Every single fragment of data can be visualized with the help of our charting library. Just tap on any data source and a platter of visuals is ready to be served.

Leverage our platform

From integrating data sources, automated learning, setting up date pipelines to providing enterprise data management – we handle everything related to data. Leverage our platform where data is discovered, organized, learned and analyzed with advanced technology. Unlock the real value of data with us!