Sync Learn

Sync Learn

Businesses need data-driven decision making to achieve two things, which are increasing revenue and reducing costs. The power of machine learning enables you to do exactly this. Select your target variable, features and model input parameters and Sync Learn takes care of training the model. And, with just a click, models can be deployed into production-ready environments to start answering all your business questions.

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Feature Engineering

Use pipes to define features for your machine learning models. Visualise the most important features through feature selection algorithms. Generate new features using operators and data enrichment.

Model Training and Evaluation

Synctactic lets you choose models from a wide variety of libraries like SKlearn, SparkMLlib and H2O. You can configure the hyperparameters of each of these models to tune and optimize model performance. Visualize model performance through measures like f-score, AUC/ROC curves, confusion matrix and precision-recall.


Auto ML

Citizen data scientists can use AutoML capabilities to just feed their data set, select a target variable or goal and the platform would then run multiple models in parallel and provide a leaderboard to select the best model to deploy.

Model Deployment

The trained models can be deployed as APIs and can be exposed to real-time data. The deployment allows version control, release stages and scalability. Monitoring models allow checking for model drift and auto swapping of models when a certain accuracy needs to be maintained.