Sync Discover

Sync Discover

Sync Discover allows you to bring your data in any form, structured or unstructured, batch or real time. Our intelligent algorithms understand your data, how they are structured, what relations exists between them and provides a map to discover your data like never before. Here are some key features of Sync Discover.

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The search feature lets you find what you are looking for across all your data sources. No matter how many folders, files, databases, tables or collections, the search retrieves results in sub-second response times giving you details on where exactly in your data infrastructure the search term exists.

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Data Map

Once your data sources are connected, Synctactic intelligently identifies your data’s type, schema and relationships with all other data sources. This provides an interactive graph showing how data sources are mapped to each other.

Meta Data

Meta data of each of your data sources are extracted right at the time you connect your data source. This provides statistical insights on all your data sources in terms of row count, data types, distribution, mean, median and standard deviation as well.


Data Access

Data security is a top priority in Synctactic and the platform is designed fundamentally to help you secure your data. It lets you configure very specific data policies, so that the right people have access to the right data.