Data engineering is problematic, lets keep it Synctactic

Seamless. Effortless. Simple

SynctacticAI brings all your Data interaction together

We define & manage data transformation, create dynamic workflows for building
metadata models & perform ML operations.

New data  
 Iterative data

Data ingestion from any source

Discover your Data whether it’s in Cloud/On-Prem/Custom Apps, we have connectors for every Data source.

Real-time and batch processing

Build batch and streamline data pipelines in minutes. Build, preview, debug and schedule from a single interface.

Dynamic Workflow creation

Creates dynamic workflows, intimates any changes such as new or missing columns, changes in data types, and more.

Geo-Distributed Data Pipelines

Sync Discover is designed as a serverless platform for real-time applications, intensive data and other web services that need to run in a geo-distributed manner, closer to humans.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud

Sync Discover is the first-ever Hybrid Multi-Cloud ETL for Data transformation for On-Prem/Cloud data warehouses.

Seamless and agile

Complete IPAAS solution for
zero dataloss, realtime analysis & transformation at scale .

Hybrid Multi-Cloud

One Platform, Deployed anywhere. Synctactic AI prevents you from vendor lock-in by allowing you to work with your data across your hosting providers. We have customised our infrastructure to match your operating environment and IT requirements.

Managed Cloud
Private Cloud
Hybrid Cloud
On-Premise Cluster

Enterprise ready

SynctacticAI offers complete integrated platform that provides enterprises with complete control on data operations ensuring no loss of data, feasibility of near time data to carry out transformations on the fly working in conjunction across various individuals and teams across the enterprise.

Multi-cloud data environments
Robust Data governance infrastructure
Database security protocols