Data Analyst

Data Analyst

Data Analysts turn data into information that can then turn into insights and decisions. Visualizing data becomes a critical need to achieve this. Combined with business knowledge and tool expertise, data analysts are key to driving organizations into data-driven decision making.

How Synctactic helps Data Analysts

The platform is built to be as self serve as possible, providing analysts with a wide array of tools to explore, process and visualize data.

Charting Libraries

All data tables in the Synctactic platform can be easily visualized. The platform automatically understands different datatypes and pre-processes them into measures and dimensions. making it easy to just drag and drop these columns to a required chart type and visualize the data. Built on D3.js, the platform is capable of supporting basic charts as well as advanced charts.

Data Warehouse Automation

Before analysts can work on structured data, it needs to go through a process of connecting to the data sources, ETL pipelines and defined data schema then lands at a Data Warehouse ready to be analyzed. With Synctactic’s Lake House, A lot of these steps are already automated and executed. An Analyst just needs to connect the data sources. The platform automatically identifies relationships and with a simple search and selection of columns, the Analyst can create a schema like a data warehouse and start analyzing the data.

Reporting and Dashboards

Synctactic’s platform provides analysts with a blank canvas where they can design and build their dashboards. The platform automates the CDC, due to which these dashboards are live and up to date. Transactional data and real-time data streams can also be visualized on these dashboards empowering organizations with the ability to make faster business decisions.