Business Intelligence


Analyze the right information that matters to your business

Build robust reporting dashboards with our advanced Business Intelligence portfolio and advanced data analytics solutions. Improve your business performance with our comprehensive suite of Business Intelligence services that covers a full stack starting from BI reporting, dashboarding, data warehousing, smart analytics, custom data visualization, and BI consulting.

Reporting and Dashboards

Now, navigate easily between your data reports. Monitor your business KPIs with informative BI reports and dashboards. We offer you a complete range of BI reports with charts, visualization, GIS, that make business assessment easy and comprehensive. Drill down on critical business insights at one glance with intuitive dashboards that scale up with your changing business environment.

Embedded Analytics

Build data-driven applications with DigitalPI’s embedded analytics platform. Our services enable you to integrate analytics into any workflow without much friction. Get aggregated views to fuel data-driven decision making with customizable integrations that are agile and advanced. Make your existing landscape powerful with our Embedded Analytics solutions.

Real Time Analytics

Close the gap in decision making with real-time analytics. Process and transform important business data on the fly. Analyze it in real-time and get a clear competitive edge in your field. Our team excels at processing data in real-time with advanced IoT data capture and real-time visualization. Bring more precision into your business decisions with real-time analytics.

Augmented Analytics

Automate your BI lifecycle like never before. Augmented Analytics along with ML and AI help you ingest data faster leading to visualizations taking place at the blink of an eye. Deliver more speed and accuracy to your data insights. Smart Data Discovery or Augmented Analytics draws from natural language to search queries and generate insights to perform highly automated prescriptive insights. Get ready to transform your BI experience!