10 Ways Real-Time Data Can Improve Customer Service


10 Ways Real-Time Data Can Improve Customer Service

In the current evolving and cutthroat competitive world, excellent customer services play a vital role in driving business ahead. As the companies improve their data infrastructure with real-time business intelligence to create business intelligence solutions, almost every big industry has a dedicated customer care team to hand the customer queries. 

While customer data is crucial to help business owners and marketing teams narrow down the target audience, the real-time data helps target the relevant demographic by pointing to their preferences and demands. 

To create real-time data strategies and analyze data at scale, companies have moved to centralized cloud data storage, offering flexibility and adaptability processing to analyze data in real-time. 

Here are the ten ways real-time data can improve customer service and change the marketing strategy.

1. Proactively use real-time data to empower the customers 

Customers feel welcomed when the brand or company they trust; values them and keeps a check on them. Real-time allows the company to develop an accurate representation of the customers, including their phone numbers, addresses, preferences, date of birth, anniversaries, etc. It also tracks when the customer is buying the product. Little personal thank you notes and wishes make the customer content. 

2. Use a real-time analytics tool to track the customer behavior

A real-time analytics tool automatically processes the data as soon as it enters the database. The continuous real-time analytic constantly updates the users and responds automatically. It detects the demographic of a customer’s behavior and suggests to them the products of their interest. 

3. Compare the social media marketing strategy

For years companies are using analytics to learn about marketing trends. Real-time data analytic helps companies run a promo campaign targeting the right audience on various social media platforms. For instance, the target audience on Youtube prefers video campaigns while the audience on Facebook and Instagram prefers more photographic and text information.

4. Monitor via business intelligence software

Real-time data collection on business intelligence software allows the competent company team to understand better what is happening around and never give the customer a chance to leave midway. 

For instance, if someone fills the online shopping cart and later didn’t make it to the checkout page. Instead of ignoring them, the customer care can reach out to them via email and offer them an exclusive discount coupon or reach them by asking the matter and assist them with the purchase.

5. Resolve the issues faster

Real-time data helps to enhance customer services by acting on their queries and providing them with solutions. Real-time data analysis enables the customer care to follow the entire conversion, check on historical data, and according to that, manage the current interaction. Customer feedback plays a crucial role in seeing the perspective of the audience.

6. Improving the company strong and positive approach

By processing and accumulating the right amount of information using data visualization tools to collect customer shifting needs and wishlist by analyzing the insights, it helps a company cultivate a strong and positive approach.

7. Assist in identifying product growth

Real-time data helps to monitor the progress of the product. It allows the marketing team to collect different product scenarios through sales numbers and customer feedback and develop a technique to shape future marketing strategies. 

8. Personalize the experience for every customer

A study shows that 75% of the customers would likely return to a brand when they know them by their name, know their taste and keep recommending according to their preferences. Real-time data helps the company have the customer insights to create a unique experience for each customer. 

9. Promote products based on insights

Real-time data allows the company to promote the products based on customer insights. It improves customer services by providing them the products they need. 

10. Run the trial in real-time 

With the help of business intelligence software, it helps the companies run the upcoming product test in real-time. It helps to analyze the market, audience and predicting the number of sales at the launch time. 


Real-time data analytics are on the rise for the past few years. The benefits of real-time data are sometimes considered as most underrated tactics in any industry. But in reality, real-time data should be the basis of the digital marketing strategy. As per the Gartner data and analytic study, by 2022, more than half of the significant new business systems will include persistent intelligence that uses real-time context to manage the data collection and improve their companies’ decisions.