Asset Monitoring

Monitor your assets with smart technology

In any industry, assets are a key factor affecting productivity and cost. IoT based asset monitoring solution helps you log all the information related to your asset. Asset Management Solution is an organized system of hardware and software sustaining the logged information regarding tangible assets to avail businesses a tool to verify the asset’s location, status and availability.

Modern business setups require a smart asset tracking IoT solution that can enable real-time identification of remote assets and devices. Investing in a smart IOT based Asset Tracking Solution offers vast benefits like cost reduction, enhancement of productivity and optimization of processes.

Common industry challenges

Are you stressed about asset misplacements?
The displacement and loss of expensive assets have always been a major concern for asset managers. A rough estimate states that around $10 million worth of revenue loss occurs due to poor asset security. The Comarch asset tracking system equipped with barcodes or RFID technology can analyze the company's needs in-depth and provide a customized tracking solution.
Are you struggling to maintain asset inventory?
It is hard to maintain adequate stock of a certain asset. The inventory tracking system can assist asset managers to stock up the adequate amount of an asset – not too much, not too less.
Is your business facing frequent asset breakdown?
The aged and unmaintained assets can lead to unscheduled downtime and take companies towards prolonged equipment failure. But, by maintaining an automated maintenance schedule of assets, this downtime problem can be cured permanently.
Are your events getting affected due to asset unavailability?
Companies held numerous external and internal meetings daily, but the unavailability of meeting tools like video conferencing software can delay or cancel the events. Thus, the standard asset tracking can show you which assets are unavailable beforehand so timely action can be taken.
Are you unable to follow regulatory certifications?
It is a mandatory responsibility of companies to comply with all the regulatory certifications related to all of their assets. With an accurate database, showing clear asset ownership information, the regulatory terms and conditions can be met easily.

Benefits of Asset Monitoring

Real-time Management
The well structured IoT tracking system helps in recording the asset movements that let you filter the data. This creates a funnel for refined information and removes all the duplication from the system.
Greater Scalability
When the operational area of your business expands, then a cloud-based system rolls the opportunity to upgrade your database also. A robust tracking system will embrace growth as you grow.
It is a low-cost asset tracking system that automatically tracks asset whereabouts and minimizes the time of locating equipment. It is a double impact benefit that improves organizational efficiency along with the productivity of the staff.
Theft Detection
Detecting theft is one of the crucial tracking features that protect all your precious assets. From investigating internal frauds to claiming the insurance, a customized asset management program will offer high shielding security.
Behavioral Tracking
The tracking system can log and display asset information anytime. Thus, the activities of employees related to the preservation or any unauthorized use of the company’s assets can be effortlessly detected with geo-fenced tracking.
Proper Scheduling
When employees have to pass one asset among one another, then it leads to mismanagement or loss of time. So, asset management is an effective solution to safeguard revenue and productivity.
Data-Driven Insights
With adequate data on the assets, managers can make conclusive decisions effectively. All the essential information can be retrieved from the adequate data to make decisions.
Repair & Maintenance
Using the tracking system, a proper maintenance schedule can be planned in the context of asset repair and maintenance. The software will timely notify managers when a particular asset is due for repair or maintenance. Predictive asset maintenance offers great business value.

How Synctactic AI empowers Smart Asset Management?

Synctactic’s Sync Analyze offering is a built-in charting library that helps in visualizing data with a single click on any data source. Thus, when asset monitoring is powered by an automated platform where you can just select the chart type, drag and drop the parameters for quick visualization of your asset data for a faster analysis of your asset portfolio.

Holistic Visualization

You have full power to monitor, measure and access data on your asset activities from anywhere and anytime using the designated platform. It provides critical insights into your asset performance and helps in maintaining better team interaction.

Historical Data Pool

All the information derived from an asset will be stored in the system that can be utilized by managers to take timely actions and make numerous decisions.

Secured and Reliable Platform

Synctactic’s asset monitoring system is extremely secure and makes sure that every fragment of information is handled by the authorized person only. It reduced the risk of using incident analysis and process change management to draw wrong interpretations.

Real-time Reporting

With real-time reporting, your business gets a clear and complete picture of the asset portfolio that lets you make fully informed decisions and address the problem in time.

re you looking for a low-cost asset tracking solution that is smart and scalable? Sync Analyze from SynctacticAI is an IOT based asset monitoring solution that can provide your business with a comprehensive and live view of your entire fleet of assets.

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