About Us

About Us

Both the co-founders Chethan and Ashish worked together for a while in IT services firm where they helped large product companies and enterprises with their Digital transformation initiatives. They saw a great alignment by these companies towards automation, cloud, analytics and machine learning. The main reason was to get themselves ready for AI. This pattern was seen in companies ranging from startups to SME’s to Enterprises.

Major challenges they saw getting into AI or Data-driven decision making was:

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Huge volume of data/ various types/ various sources
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Legacy old infrastructure
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Siloed teams within organizations
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Skill gap for right data technology talents

We truly believe data is the next digital revolution bigger and more disruptive than the web. We’re truly convinced everyone should be part of it. That’s why we want to help business leaders bring data-driven initiatives to life, without adding pressure on teams, budgets, or technological choices.


Operating System for Data-as-a-Service

SynctacticAI provides an end to end platform where anyone can come connect their data sources, define workflows, visualize insights and build ML/AI models. Teams can collaborate with each other while working on a single source of truth for all their data needs. The flexibility of Hybrid Multicloud provides data teams the power to optimize their workflows and bring in their data or store their data anywhere they please, right from On-Premise deployments to any of the cloud providers.
We at SynctacticAI helps businesses turn their data sets into actionable insights using machine learning. Our platform connects to various storage systems and databases, cleans your data set, structures it and helps build machine learning models.

Prepare. Enrich. Predict

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Amir Karr, Advisor

Leadership and Mentorship I 25+ Yrs experience | Subject Matter Expert-Product development, PLM, Cyber Security | Startups & Fortune 500 companies

Abhijith Cuddapah, CPO

Full-Stack Product guy I 8+ Yrs experience | Co-founded and worked in Ed-Tech and Fin-Tech space | Product Management & Marketing

Chethan Athreyas, CEO

Business guy | 12+ yrs experience | CEO- DigiFutura( Acquired by MSys Tech LLC) | Business Strategy, Hiring Talent, Business Development, Sales & Marketing

Anantha Murthy, Chief Designer

Creative guy I 7+ Yrs experience | UXD for Packeto and NIA( Edge Verve) | Product & Design

Ashish Koushik, CTO

Tech guy | 10+ Yrs experience | Multiple product ownership | Platform Architecture and Development